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Conversations With a 3rd Grader

One of the many reasons I keep this blog is to remember things Max has said and I have been sadly remiss in that endeavor. She has been on a roll tonight. I don’t usually write in script form, but for today, it serves the purpose.

Me: I got some of your Teddy Roosevelt costume today.
Max: Nothin’ is better than that!
Me: You’re an odd little bird sometimes.
Max: Whuddya got against birds?

She never takes the mental path you would expect..

Max: You studied English, right? (I teach middle school English.)
Me: Little bit.
Max: Good, then, can you tell me what these hieroglyphics say?
Me: That’s not English.
Max: Well, what language is it?
Me: It’s a type of writing.
Max: Well, how the heck did they talk, then?!

Photo courtesy of whitehouse.gov

Photo credit dreamstime.com