About Max

beth on steps bigAs parents, we often watch our babies and wonder what they are thinking. We know one day we will find out and often, we get more than we bargained for.  Art Linkletter made a career out of the darndest things kids say.  With my little one, he would have had fodder for many, many seasons of shows!

All kids are funny to some extent.  Bethany just has a unique way of seeing the world around her.  She talked very early for a child and gave us some interesting insight into the mind of a toddler.

One day, she announced that she was not Bethany, her name was Max.  Max became Bethany’s alter ego.  Her evil twin so to speak.  My mother often wonders who will be coming to visit.  Will it be sweet loving adorable Bethany, or will grabby, curious, innocently destructive, precocious Max?  We never know.  Not just from day to day, but minute to minute.  Like a miniature version of a woman, her mood changes like the wind.

There are so many Bethany and Max stories.  There are people out there following her anecdotes that have never even met her.  It’s because of this that The World According To Max was created.  So sit back and get ready, because you never know what will happen next!

(Side note:  Bethany has Sensory Processing Disorder and is classified as a Sensory Seeker. This is common in children with Autism, however she does not fall under the Autism spectrum. While this may explain some of Max’s antics, most of them are the direct result of her unique view of the world that we could all learn from.  For more information on Sensory Processing Disorder and Sensory Seekers, follow the link below.  The more awareness there is, the more resources will become available for kids like Max, who don’t always get the support they need.)

Questions?  Want more information on Max and the author?  Please comment below or email theworldaccordingtomax(at)yahoo.com

For more information on SPD, check out: http://www.sensory-processing-disorder.com/

Or for information on Sensory Seekers, check out:  http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2493337/sensory_processing_disorder_help_for.html


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