About the Author

author photoKC Hopkins, a native of Louisiana, currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee working as a Special Education teaching assistant.  When she isn’t writing about or recovering from Max episodes, she is a soccer mom and hockey mom.  KC Hopkins is an author, freelance article writer, and freelance photographer.  Her projects include web content, blogs, articles, and fiction.  Her debut book for young readers, The Night the Spirits Danced, is available online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.  To see more of her writing and photography, check out http://thesanityshipissinking.wordpress.com.

Please contact the author by commenting below or emailing theworldaccordingtomax(at)yahoo.com


3 responses to “About the Author

  1. Frances Roppolo

    wonderful stories about Max and her alter-ego Bethany. I would love to be there to watch her grow – but I’ll just have to be content with reading about her and her lovely, talented mother!!!!

  2. Who doesn’t know a Max somewhere? If you don’t then please enjoy our Max. This little world is a far better place because of her. Max knows things that we have never learned or have forgotten. She most certainly knows how to love and accept. She isn’t shy but she is not a performer. Max lives out loud and desires for you to join in the fray. Max has all she wants because she has learned what to want for. Thanks Max. I’ll be watching…and I love you.

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