It’s The Little Things

We’ve all heard parents say that the best gift is the box it came in.  It seems kids are drawn to things we just don’t expect them to be.

Max happily perused what Santa had left (begrudgingly as Max had probably earned more coal than toys) beneath the tree.  Among her pile of monsters and monster trucks and alongside the tub of cheese balls as big as she is was nestled a pair of socks.

But not just any socks.  These had Mater on them.  Max, being a Cars enthusiast, noticed them right away.

“No….way!…Mom!…Mater socks!” I nod and tell her Santa must have known she liked that movie a lot.

Max rambles on in her nasally too-loud twang: “Mom, I will wear these socks to school and all the kids will say,” (in apparently a loud squeaky voice) “‘Bethany has Mater socks!‘ and I will say:” (in a normal, well, normal for Max, voice) “‘Calm down, calm down,'” (hands out calming the adoring fans) “‘They are just from Christmas!‘”


Image credit: Disney Pixar


2 responses to “It’s The Little Things

  1. I can just picture it, “Calm down” LOL She is a riot!

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