Dress Code

Perhaps it is the Sensory Processing Disorder that contributes to Max’s hatred of clothing.  While that does not bode well for her teenage years, for now we can live with it as long as it stays within the confines of home.  There is always the double check when someone knocks at the door, however.  We’ve learned that one the hard way as we opened the door to a delivery man and there came Max streaking to the door wearing only her polka dot undies.

Getting dressed almost always results in a battle of wits and wiggles.  This day was no different.  Max had Christmas money to spend from Pop and we were all getting ready to go out shopping.  Time to get Max dressed.

As I went to put her clothes on, she blurted out: “”For God sakes I don’t want any pants!”

Sorry Max.  The mall has a dress code, however loose it may be.


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