Let Them Eat What?

Way back in the 80s (some of you may remember) a bunch of musicians got together and recorded a Christmas song to benefit Africa.  Feed The World. Some of my favorite artists were there.  Some guilty pleasures were even on that one, too.

Around here, several radio stations switch to all holiday music until Christmas day.  So, it was fitting that we tuned in as the kids and I headed up to my brother’s house for some holiday fun.  That 80s classic came on and from the back seat, Max pipes up:

“Mom!  It’s the Peanut Butter Christmas song!”

Big brother and I listened for a second, then died laughing as the song belted out Feed the wor-or-ld, which Max obviously heard as Pea-nut-bu-u-tter.

Feed The World some peanut butter from Max.


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