I Can Live With That

Bath time can often be an interesting experience with Max.  She loves the tub, but gets carried away and has a hard time following directions.  This usually ends with water and soap in her face and some fussing about it from both of us.  This was one of those days.

After struggling to get her bathed and hair washed while she squirmed and complained, I had enough.  “You aren’t being very good.  Santa won’t like that.  Have you thought about that?”

She stopped squirming.  I had her attention.

“Do you think Santa will bring you toys?” I asked still hoping for this parenting trick to work on her.

“No, a lump of coal,” she answered.  Pause.  “What’s coal?”

Trying my best to make this seem really unappealing to coax some good behavior out of her, I explained, “It’s like a black rock.  You can’t do much with it.”

Max thought for a minute.  “I can bang on things with it.  I can hammer stuff with coal.  I can do lots of stuff with coal!”

Evidently, Max could live with coal from Santa.  It certainly wasn’t worth behaving over.


One response to “I Can Live With That

  1. That’s when you tell her it would crumble to pieces and she would get all dirty and have to take another bath. =)

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