Santa Stress-Out

Remember last year’s Santa encounter? No?  Well, refresh your memory here:

Max hasn’t been having the best week at preschool.  She’s had some trouble with listening and following directions.  And downright defiance.  It’s been an off week, even by Max standards.  So, like all good parents do, we tried threatening her with Santa Claus.  “He’s watching you, you know.”  We weren’t sure this was having any effect on her.  It certainly wasn’t changing her behavior.  With Max, she doesn’t really “get” the whole thing about the Big Guy watching her when she can’t actually see him.

Then came Breakfast With Santa.  The school I teach at had one of these as a PTO fundraiser.  I told Max that we were going to eat pancakes with Santa at school.

My school, or your school?” she asks with some trepidation.

“My school,” I answer.

“Oh, okay then.  I can go,” she answers happily.

Evidently, she was afraid of the report Santa would get from her school.  My school knew nothing.

However, when it came time to take her picture with Santa, it was a different story.  Faced with Santa himself, she put her arms around him and gave him a hug, then stood next to him with her head on his shoulder and the I’m Sorriest face you ever saw.  She was that close to tears.  Then, once she was sure Santa had bought it, the impish grin returned.  You could almost hear her thinking, “Nice List, here I come!”

Ah well.  It was worth a shot.



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