Injury Pretenjury

It was a new experience for Max.  She sat, rather fidgeted and bounced, in the ER waiting room waiting for sister Gracie to be seen.  You see, the night before, Gracie had a dream.  She dreamed that her little friend Carson told her to kick the soccer ball back in  to the game as hard as she could.  So, she did.  What she kicked, however, was her bunk bed.

Of course, Gracie woke up crying and came to tell me.  It didn’t look that bad.  It would have had to have been gushing blood for me to do a whole lot about it at 2:30am.  I sent her to bed.  That morning, it was slightly bruised and a bit swollen.  I gave her a pair of my shoes to wear and sent her to school.  After school it looked awful.  (Anyone wanting to nominate me for Mother Of The Year right now?  No?  Fine, then.)

Off we went to the ER to get the poor kid’s foot x-rayed.   Sure enough, she had broken one of her toes.  She went in to the ER in my tennis shoes and came out in a boot and crutches.  Nice.  How many people break bones in their sleep??????

Max, however, could not be outdone.  She found an old ankle brace and put it on her arm.  Sissy may have an injury, but Max has a pretenjury.


5 responses to “Injury Pretenjury

  1. Awesome! We have a few pretenjuries here and there. I just didn’t have a name for it.We were in the ER for stitches the other day. Oh what fun. (Not as exciting as a sleep injury, but it was a chore related injury….)

  2. That sounds like my rolling off the bed episodes… GET EM MAX

  3. Wow, we would have done the same thing. My brother sleep walks–now he is someone that should be injured while sleeping.

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