Back Seat Driver

It wasn’t her fault.  It had been a long weekend of hockey and all of us were anxious to get back home from Atlanta, including my mom who was driving.  We were headed home into some impending storms and trying to beat them to our neck of the woods.  We had stopped at a gas station for a snack and potty break.

I must confess, I would probably have made the same mistake.  As Mom put the car in gear to get back on the road out of the oddly laid out parking lot, she didn’t see the small sidewalk in front of us.  Immediately, with a thud and a jolt, we realized the mistake.  While Mom, Cam, and I just said oops, Max couldn’t let it go at that.

Likely, she felt that she could have done a much better job navigating the car back home and let fly a tirade from the back seat:

“What were you doing?? Were you just going to wander off on the sidewalk? That is not allowed!  It’s RUDE!  (yelling)  DID I MISS SOMETHING???”


One response to “Back Seat Driver

  1. I am ashamed to admit that I have bumped several curbs and sidewalks with a vehicle full of friends and family. They never forget it either.

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