Mistaken Identity

When Max does not have her brother and sister to pester in the back seat of the car, she is forced to entertain herself in other ways.  This time, she chose to sing.  What started as freestyle scatting eventually turned into a two note chant of “Mag-nooooo-lia.  Mag-noooo-lia.”

She sang, rather chanted, for a bit, then paused.  “I love that name.”  Pause.  “Can we change my name to Magnolia?”

Daddy lost it.  Through the laughter he says, “How did I know she was about to say that?”

“Because you’re as weird as she is,” I answer honestly.

Max has continued her chant.  “Mag-nooo-lia.  Mag-noooo-lia.”

“We can call you Magnolia if you want, Bethany,” I offer.

“No, I don’t want to be Magnolia.  I wanna be Ed.”  Then, Max, Magnolia, or Ed begins chanting once again all the way home.




2 responses to “Mistaken Identity

  1. Loving your stories today!!!

    • theworldaccordingtomax

      She was really on a roll today. Some days you can just tell that’s the kind of day it’s gonna be. 🙂

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