Smoking or Non?

As Daddy, Max, and I walked out to the car, Daddy did something he’s done a hundred times before.  He lit a cigarette to smoke as we walked because he’s not allowed to smoke in the car.  Usually, Max makes no comment.  This day, she decided to get preachy.

“Smoking is bad,” she proclaimed to her daddy.

“I know,” Daddy said nonchalantly.

“You gotta quit that,” she insisted making her yucky face.

He sighed.  “I guess, but quitting is hard to do.”

“No it isn’t!” Max said brightly.  “You just throw that cigarette in the grass!”

Problem solved.


3 responses to “Smoking or Non?

  1. Maybe Max’s comment will resonate with him–you never know.

  2. Sometimes, the easiest solutions are over looked. What a smarty!

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