When heading out in the morning, one thing is essential: COFFEE.  No questions asked.  Coffee must be in hand before I walk out the door.

One morning, as I drove to take Max to preschool, I was enjoying my morning cup of java and listening to the radio.  Truth be told, I was listening to Max singing Ke$ha’s “Take It Off” wondering at her ability to hold onto the words of a completely inappropriate song, yet can’t remember all the letters in her name.

As I lift my cup to take another sip, I hear an insistent voice say, “Mama!”


“If you drink in the car, you’re gonna get nailed!”

“Coffee is okay to drink in the car,” I answer trying to ease her concern.

“So, coffee is okay, but beer is bad?”  Makes no sense to her at all.  Drinking is drinking in her book.

Remind me to write to the Tennessee Highway Patrol and let them know their ad campaign is working on my four year old.  I can only imagine the panic in Max’s wee little head as she envisions a giant nail falling from the sky to nail my car to the road.  Needless to say, the THP will also be called upon to answer the teacher’s questions when Max informs them that her mommy drinks and drives.


4 responses to “Busted

  1. Ah hahaha–very fun and nicely written little bit, props!


  2. Funny. I bet THP would appreciate the feedback.

  3. I’m reading back through all the stories. 🙂

    I’ve got to say my 3 year old also has a thing about the nailed commercials. For most of the summer we were not allowed to drink anything in our cars with out her flipping out about the nails. I’m pretty sure the THP scared more small children with this plan then they did possible drunk drivers.

    • I’m pretty sure you’re right about that. I’d also like to see the stats on how many accidents were caused by drivers whipping their heads around trying to see the cars with giant nails in them on the side of the roads. Thanks for the re-visit! 🙂

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