Master Negotiator

An argument broke out in the midst of room cleaning time.  While this in itself was not unusual since Max shares a room with her older sister and routinely trashes what her sister attempts to clean up, this particular argument was not over the mess in general, but over Piglet.

“No!  Give that back, Bethany!  That belongs to me!”

“No, it doesn’t!  That’s my Piglet!”

“No, I had that since I was a baby.  Piglet is mine.”  Gracie had a point.  It was hers as a baby, but we let Max play with once and as soon as she gets her hands on something, Max declares it hers.

Max, the master negotiator, replies: “No!  It’s my Piglet because I had it since I was 4 and I barfed on it!”  Max had a point, too.


2 responses to “Master Negotiator

  1. LOL Good reason!
    We got to keep a library book because of that once.

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