May I Introduce….

It was the first week of Pre-K for Bethany.  Or Max.  Or Bethany.  Who really knows?

After a few days of getting to know the new school and the before and after care teachers, Bethany woke up as Max.  It was an all out Max morning.  She woke up screaming mad.  After a WWE caliber wrestling match to get her into clothes and out the door, she decided that it was a good idea to go to school, but on her terms.

When we arrived to the before and after care room, Max went straight to getting on her batting helmet and sitting at the toy baby grand.  Her teacher, who quickly got her number, just shrugged and said that’s what she does every day from the minute she gets there til time for school.

“Brace yourself,” I tell her.  “You’re about to meet Max.”

After a brief explanation, I left, wishing them well.

The next day, I was greeted by the same teacher who told me that apparently, the Pre-K teachers were unfamiliar with Max, or, at least they were.  She told me the following tale:

“Miss Kris came to pick up Bethany for school yesterday and I told her that she was Max today.  Kris was confused and I tried to explain.  She called for Bethany to come on.  ‘Bethany.’  Nothing.  ‘Bethany, time to go.’  Nothing.  ‘Say Max.  Trust me,’ I told her.  So, she says, ‘Max,’ and Bethany’s little head whips around and she hops up ready to go to class.  I told her, ‘See?  Max is here today.  Just wait and see.”

She went on, “Later I saw Bethany out in the hallway being ‘talked to’ by her teacher.  I told her, ‘I tried to warn you it was a Max day.'”

I get these little smiley faces on her daily reports.  Somehow, I don’t think they are all that accurate since no mention was made of Max’s hallway talk.


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