Deal Dodger

Max was going to spend the morning at the drop in daycare she lovingly refers to as “the play place.”  It was my first day back to work as a teaching assistant and she had not started pre-K yet, so the drop in was my best option.

Max loves the play place.  It’s hours of unstructured kid heaven.  We were a little worried about how Max would act for those few days because she had not been around kids in a while.  We knew she would be excited and probably very wound up as far as her SPD is concerned.

Baby was dropping Max off and on the way she tried talking to Max about how she would behave at the play place.

Baby asked her, “Bethany, are you going to be a sweet girl?  The ladies at the play place like sweet big girl helpers.”

“Are those your keys?” asked Max.

“Yes,” Baby answered.  “Are you going to be a sweet girl today?”

“Those keys right there.  Are those your keys?” Max asks pointing to Baby’s car keys in the ignition.

“Bethany, I’m asking you if you are going to be a sweet girl.”

“I know.  You don’t have a lot keys.”

“Beth, if you aren’t a big, sweet, helper girl today, you can’t go back tomorrow.”

“Oh, I’m going back tomorrow!”

Max evidently doesn’t make promises she can’t keep.  She’ll never make it as a politician, but she’d make one heck of a lawyer.


One response to “Deal Dodger

  1. Oh she is going back tomorrow. LOL I love it! (When it isn’t my attitudy kid.)

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