Do They Allow Dogs in Preschool?

Max was so excited that her preschool teacher was coming to visit.  Apparently the newest trend in early childhood education is the “home visit” to allow kids to meet their new teachers on their own turf.

Max greeted Miss Stacey and Ms. Julie, the special ed coordinator that came to visit, too.  She began pretty well behaved.  While I spoke to Julie about some of the issues we faced and how we hoped to address them in a classroom setting, Max happily drew a picture for Miss Stacey.  She drew her classic huge head with mile long arms and legs.  Things seemed to be going well.  Until….

Julie asked Max if she could take her picture for school.  Instantly, Max became a snarling dog.  She dropped to all fours, began leaping around, and glaring and snarling.  She hates having her picture taken.  It’s almost as if she’s Amish and thinks it will take her soul from her.

She jumped and dodged, barking and growling, until I told her that they don’t let dogs in preschool, only big girls.  She sat and smiled as if we had merely imagined the rabid dog that was there just seconds before.  Well behaved Bethany was not going to be back for the remainder of the visit, save for that brief instant that thankfully Julie and her camera were ready for.


4 responses to “Do They Allow Dogs in Preschool?

  1. The amazing part of that story to me is that you knew instantly how to sedate the snarling dog. Go Mom!!

  2. theworldaccordingtomax

    Hahahaha. I’ve had to sedate that snarling dog more than once. 🙂

  3. Yay mom!
    It’s weird to me that they come to your house though. It would freak me out.
    My son is funny about pictures, too. If you try to take his picture, he will hide. If you try and take someone elses picture, he will try and jump into the frame. Weird kids.

  4. I have not heard of the house visit, but I can see the advantages. We have one returning to preschool for her second year and a newbie who may turn into a snarling dog at any moment.

    Best wishes with the new challenge.

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