It’s All In The Name

Baby and Max love their long walks down the boulevard in her neighborhood.  There are fruit trees planted along the way and Max has just discovered them.  Like the monkey she is, she likes for Baby to lift her up and let her sit in the branches.

This particular afternoon, as Max looked up through the leaves, she noticed the fruit.  “What are those things?” she asked.

“Crab apples,” answers Baby.

“I want to eat one of those crab apples.”

“No, I don’t know if they are any good.  We don’t eat those.”

Max squinted up at the crab apples hanging in the tree.   “Oh, those are just for the crabs to eat.  Those crabs just climb up the tree to eat them?  I thought the crabs would fall down.”

“Well, no, well…” Baby decided it was best to just let it go.  Battle won.  Max wasn’t wanting the crab’s apples anymore.


5 responses to “It’s All In The Name

  1. Ha, kids and questions. And I thought I had all the answers for everything–until I became a father that is.

  2. Good thing she hasn’t asked to see the crabs which eat said apples…:-) And, no, she doesn’t want to eat those, we tried when we were little!!!

  3. Awesome. I can’t wait for my little one to start asking these types of questions.

  4. Oh Max!! You sure do know how to make me laugh!

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