Iron Man Iron Will

With her first day of Pre-K around the corner, Daddy and I took Max to Target to pick out a new backpack.  Unlike Cam and Gracie, this was the only school supply we were required to get for her so there was much excitement surrounding this purchase.  We made it back to the school supply department and found the Mecca of backpacks.

There was a whole wall of them.  It was a rainbow of colors and characters.  “Wow, Bethany, look at all the cool backpacks!” said Daddy.

Max’s eyes got huge.  “I want the orange guy!”

“Iron Man?” asks Daddy.

“Yes!”shrieks Max bouncing in the cart.  “Iron Man!”

“Well, let’s look at some others first.”  Daddy was not thrilled about Max’s choice.  I was more surprised that she hadn’t chosen Spiderman since she just had  to have a Spiderman cake for her birthday.  She had never seen either movie.

Daddy began extolling the virtues of all the other more feminine backpacks on the wall.  There was a collection that included a small stuffed animal as the zipper pull.  “If you don’t like the pink ones with the monkey or the kitty cat, maybe you want the pretty teal one with the frog?” Daddy asks hopefully.

“Iron Man!” Max yelled and stretched as far toward it in the cart as she could.  I handed her the one she wanted so she could really look at.  Instantly, she had it on, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

I shrugged and let Daddy continue.  I knew he wouldn’t be getting his way, but I just let him keep at it.  Max will win.  After all, it’s her backpack, right?  We said she could choose.

This went on and on.  “How about Tinkerbell?  You like Tinkerbell.”  “Iron Man!”  “Hello Kitty is cute.”  “Iron Man!”

Daddy thought it might be good to get her away from them for a while and see if she changed her mind.  He tried peeling it off of her to no avail.  “Let me talk to her,” I said.  “Max, we are going to look at some other things now.  We have to put it back.  No one will take it.  If you decide it’s what you really want later, we will get it.  Okay?”  Reluctantly, she took it off.  I tugged it out of her death grip and hung it up.  “Go, Daddy.  Go now!”

We walked out of the school supply section.  As we did, Max yells to all the giggling shoppers, “Okay people!  No one take my Iron Man backpack!”

Needless to say, the girl with the iron will never wavered and left that day with Iron Man.  Yep, that should tell her teacher all she needs to know about Max.


8 responses to “Iron Man Iron Will

  1. The Great Mama Experiment

    I have a daughter who is infatuated with Spiderman. I can handle that better than my son who has been wearing a pink flower hat the past two days! Great post!

    • theworldaccordingtomax

      Ah, a girl after Max’s own heart. I can’t help it, I got a kick out of the little dude in the pink hat, too. LOL Thanks for the compliment!

  2. Good for her! She’s a girl who knows what she likes.

    • theworldaccordingtomax

      Not only does she know what she wants, she gets what she wants. Mostly by being so freaking funny about it.

  3. Hilarious! I remember that Erica got a T-rex backpack when she started school.

  4. When I first saw the name of this blog, I assumed Max was a boy. Now I am all caught up. I am also completely in love with Max. Go Iron Man!

  5. I can just imagine being one of the shoppers “okay people…” she is too much. Poor daddies, they try so hard…mine wanted a boy so badly he dressed his third and final child (his third daughter) as a boy as often as he could…that would be me! 🙂 I still have the dark brown corduroy skirt/overalls.

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