It’s Greek To Me

I was making a lovely nutritious veggie lunch.  Max wanders in the kitchen to see what I’m cooking because where there is food there will be Max.

“What is that?” she asks eye-balling the toasted pine nut hummus.

“It’s hummus and pita chips,” I answer.  “Want to taste it?”

Max wrinkles her brow, takes the pita chip with the dab of hummus and squints at it suspiciously.  “Well, Hakuna Matata!” she exclaims with a shrug, then tosses it into her mouth and walks off.


3 responses to “It’s Greek To Me

  1. What a wonderful phrase! LOL Max makes me giggle.

    • theworldaccordingtomax

      I had that song on a loop in my head the rest of the day. It’s only a wonderful phrase the first 20 times. lol

  2. Hilarious. I enjoyed reading about Max. From the mouths of babes come some very funny things. Thanks for the link.

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