And You Are?

It was a day for nicknames apparently.  As we gathered for Max’s birthday dinner and cake with my brother, sister-in-law, and punkin’ nephew, Max was a little wired.  Hard to believe, I know.

Somehow the talk turned to names and she announced simply, “My nickname is Ed.”

Later, we went on a walk, as much to work off a bit of the pizza as to run some energy out of Max before loading her up again on Spiderman cake (yep, that’s my girl) and ice cream.

Max rode down the sidewalk on her Tinkerbell bike and my brother Adam, known to all the kids as Uncle Bubba, rode next to her on Gracie’s cool new off-road bicycle.  Max and Uncle Bubba rode along side by side ahead of the rest of us.  Suddenly, Adam stops and turns around to ride back to us.

In his very flat, low-key way he says, “I am Meatloaf.  She just told me ‘You are my uncle and I will call you Meatloaf.'”

Okay, Meatloaf.  Better catch up with Ed.


4 responses to “And You Are?

  1. Funny that Max nee Bethany has now named herself Ed…peddle fast Meatloaf, you never know who you will be trying to catch up to!!!

  2. Oh Ed. You tickle my funny bone.

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