Uncle Fix-it

Max loves to swing and Paw Paw has the perfect spot: a tree swing complete with platforms to launch from.  When Max went out to swing, Uncle Chef and Paw Paw noticed a bolt in the seat coming through.  It needed to be fixed before she could swing.  As patiently as she could, Max waited on the repair but chose to supervise to make sure the job was done right.

Once Uncle Chef had the washer on the bolt to keep it from going through he had to pound the swing chain through a link at a time.  As he pounded it with the hammer, Paw Paw came over to see how it was going.  “Is that chain going to go through that hole?”

“Yeah,” replied Uncle Chef as he pounded away at it.  “I just have to bang this damn chain through here.”  Uncle Chef instantly realized his mistake, but it was too late.

Max walks up to check out their progress.  “Is that damn swing fixed yet?”

Great, now there’s something else that needs fixing.


2 responses to “Uncle Fix-it

  1. Guess there was no dam-burger save on that one…although, that does sound a bit like something someone I once knew might have said…I can hear the voice…has Max perfected the hand on the hip yet?

    • theworldaccordingtomax

      Oh yeah, she’s totally got that hand on the hip thing down! Now Uncle Chef will have to work on fixing her foul mouth.

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