It’s All Relative

Max endured the 14 hour drive to see her great grandparents and various extended family.  Or, rather, Baby and I endured the drive.  She quickly made herself right at home entertaining the crowd in true Max fashion the first day of our visit.  On the second morning, her great Uncle Jeff found her in the back yard swinging with her other great uncle Toney.  Max was swinging as high and as fast as she could in the little blue toddler swing.

Max saw Uncle Jeff coming across the year.  “HEEEEEEY!” she yelled.  “WHO ARRRRE YOOOOU?  WHAT’S YOUR NAAAAME?  I DON’T KNOOOOOW YOU.”  She spent the entire day before with Uncle Jeff.

“My name is Uncle Jeff,” he answers walking over to where she was swinging.

“Hi, Chef.  My name is Bethany,”she answers way too loudly still, then points at her great uncle.  “And this is your brother: Aunt Toney.  Uncle Chef, this is your brother.  He’s your brother Aunt Toney.  I have a brother.  And I have a sister.  There are two sisters.  And I’m one of them.”  Uncle Chef and Aunt Toney just shrugged at each other and grinned.  Max went on swinging madly in the tiny swing.

Uncle Chef and Aunt Toney had been officially branded.  That’s who they were for the rest of the visit. And very likely will be forever, which suits them both just fine.

Above photo:  Max and Uncle Chef.  Below: Max and Aunt Toney.


2 responses to “It’s All Relative

  1. How could you NOT love your new name when bestowed upon you by such an endearing child with obvious love? Good thing she was there to point out that Uncle Chef is Aunt Toney’s brother…where would they be now? Aunt Toney may never have known…;-)

    • theworldaccordingtomax

      LOL She never did understand that Baby is also Uncle Chef and Aunt Toney’s sister. We tried, but that just was not sinking in. 🙂

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