Mullet Max

Almost every child has done it – given themselves an embarrassing haircut.  But how many have done it twice in three months?  Add Max to that short list.

It wasn’t just a chunk of missing hair.  No, for Max, she’s been there, done that.  Recently.  For Max, it was a mullet.  Yep.  That Achy-Breaky hairdo made famous by Miley’s dad.  She added her own personal flair by taking a section of her bangs out.

Again, in true Max-ness, it wasn’t her intention and she didn’t really see the problem with it.  It was in her way.  She was trying to cut on the line and couldn’t see it.  So, the hair had to go.  Simple, right?  Not so much.

How did she get the scissors again, you ask?  After a reorganization of the office desk, they were placed neatly by Daddy in the pen holder.  Mistake Number One.  Mistake Number Two was me thinking I could actually take clothes out of the dryer and hang them in the closet leaving Max to watch tv for a few minutes.

Obviously not.

Special thanks goes out to Honey at Divas and Dudes salon in Franklin, TN.  She is a miracle worker and can now add Professional Mullet Remover to her resume.


2 responses to “Mullet Max

  1. Oh my, oh my! Thank goodness they could fix it. My daughter almost scalped herself–at school! With safety scissors. *doh*

  2. theworldaccordingtomax

    Bet that was an uncomfortable note for the teacher to write. Whoops.
    These were safety scissors too. Ironic little name they have, huh? So innocent.

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