Car Wash

Part of Max’s occupational therapy is to help keep her focused on tasks.  Her therapist also works on balance and other things.  To do this, she works on an obstacle course of bumpy stepping stones, tunnels, and other fun things.  Or so you would think.  Max gets about halfway and loses interest, which means her therapist has to find ways to make it fun.

This particular session, the therapist stood at the part where Max usually wanders off shaking pom poms pretending to be a car wash.  Max would giggle and keep moving forward.  It was working.  Until…

Two other therapists walked into the room.  One had a question for Max’s therapist.  While the two talked, Max began her obstacle course.  The third lady looked on.  Max got the where her therapist stood talking – not shaking the pom poms.

After a moment, Max looks up at the third therapist, shrugs, and says, “Well, I guess the car wash is broken.”


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