Whine – O

Bethany rides home in the evenings with Daddy.  One afternoon, they decided to stop by the grocery store and pick up a few things.  After that, they walked over to the wine and spirits store next door.

Max was fascinated with the contents of Red Dog Wine and Spirits.  An endless barrage of questions came gushing out in Max’s nasally too loud voice .  “What’s that, Daddy?  Do you need that?  What are you looking for? Are you buying beeeeer?  Why are we in here, Daddy?”  Everyone in the store was giggling quietly.

“I need to pick something up.” Daddy answers vaguely.

“What is that?” she asks looking at a bottle.

“It’s juice,” Daddy answers trying not to get into a long discussion on adult beverages.

I like juice!  Can I have some of that juice?”  More giggles.

“No, Beth, that’s grown-up juice.”

Finally Daddy and 20 Questions make their way to the front of the shop.

At Red Dog they put the clearance wines in those half-pint drugstore-sized shopping carts at the front of the store.   Just as the two of them get to the front counter, a lady walked in and and paused to peruse the discount wines in the carts.

Max noticed her.  “Daddy!” Max yells.  “That lady has WAY too many beeeers!!!!”  The entire store bursts into laughter.


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