Flu Season

Seems like a winter doesn’t go by that there is some media panic about some strain of flu.  This past winter was the swine flu.  Yes, it hit our house, too.  Big brother spent a week in bed, but somehow, the rest of us avoided it.  Probably largely due to antibacterial hand gel and excessive use of Lysol.

New Years Eve is a night to cast cares aside and enjoy a fun evening.  No bars or wild parties for us.  We packed up the kids and headed over to a friend’s house for some food, conversation, and games.  Camden and Gracie sat at the coffee table playing cards.  Like siblings will do, the argument began about whose germs were touching whose cards.  Max had heard enough about germs this winter to know this could be serious.

She stood watching the germ warfare for a moment.  Cam tells Gracie, “Don’t touch my cards.  I don’t want your swine flu!”

Max promptly walks over to me and demands, “Mommy, do I have the wine flu???”

“No, you don’t have the wine flu.”

“Are you sure I don’t have the wine flu?”

“I’m sure.”

“Fine then.” and walks away.

I wonder if the local police have ever heard that one around 2 am on New Year’s?  ‘No, Officer.  I haven’t been drinking.  I have the wine flu.’


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