Phone A Friend

barbie phoneMax, like many kids, has an imaginary friend.  Unlike many kids, her friend Stacie is only on the other end of her pink Barbie cell phone.  Most of the time, she chatters away on the phone like a teenager, but the other day, things weren’t going her way with Stacie.


“Stacie, hey, Stacie.  Are you listening to me?  I’m talking to you!”  Pause.  “Yeah….yeah….yeah…”  She paces around the living room.  “It’s boring here.  Stacie!  I said, it’s boring here!  You aren’t listening to me! Ugh!  That’s it.  Bye.”

She slams the cell phone shut, then opens it again and “dials.”

“Hello, Jerk?    Are you there, Jerk?  It’s boring today. When are you going to start my soccer game, Jerk?  Listen to me, Jerk!   Hey!  Jerk!  Uh huh…Uh huh…No.”  More pacing.   “Do you hear me, Jerk?  I want to go to my soccer game! Fine.”  Slams the phone shut and stomps into her room.

After relaying the conversations I just heard to my husband, I said, “Not only would her imaginary friend Stacie not talk to her, neither would this new imaginary phone friend named Jerk.”

“Of course not,” he says.  “She spent the whole time calling them Jerk!”


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