DSCF6229It’s time to go get a spare key made.  Max walks out of her room and announces that she is ready to go.  I notice her feet.  She has on one pink Croc and one pink plastic sequined dress up shoe.  “Um, your shoes don’t match.”  “Yes, they do.  They are both pink.”  Pick your battles, Mom.  So, off we go in the rain to Home Depot.

We arrive in the pouring rain.  I get out the umbrella and we make our way into the store.  The nice lady at the front greets us and asks Max if she can help us find anything.  “I need a key.” Max answers.  So, the lady crouches down and explains to her where she needs to go get the key.

As we walk through the store, her shoes make a thud, click, thud, click, thud click sound as she steps from the soft Crock to the dress up high heel shoe on the concrete floor.  There are so few people there mid-morning on a weekday, so she really stands out.  People are chuckling and whispering to each other, “Look at her shoes!” as though I can’t hear them.  Grins and giggles follow us to the key counter.

Thud, click, thud, click, thud, click.

We get to the key counter and the man shows us our options.  There are plain keys, and keys with everything from skulls to flowers on them.  Then she saw it.  The Holy Grail of spare keys.  Tinkerbell.  She had to have it.  She jumped up and down giggling like a goofball.  So, the man at the counter gets it down.     He puts it in the key grinder and gets to work.  Max had a million questions.  “What is he doing with my Tinkerbell key?  Why is that loud?  Why is that thing working?  Why are there ABC’s all over this store?”  She was adorable and sweet, especially for Max.  He took the key out and checked it against the original.  “Why is that guy looking at my key like that?’

“I want to make sure it matches.  You would be mad at me if it didn’t work when you get home,” he explains, grinning.  “I have a one year old,” he says to me.  “I can’t wait for her to be like this.”  Yes, you can.

We are finally finished and get checked out.   Umbrella goes up as we head back out into the rain.  Thud, click, thud, click , thud, click to the car.  Just then, Max spots a man huddled into his rain jacket with his hood pulled over his head making his way to the store.  Max cheerily says, “It’s okay, Man.  It’s just the rain.” and hops happily into the car.


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