Say What?

32248559-300x300-0-0_Breathe_Right_Breathe_Right_Mentholated_Vapor_StriMax is known for strange and funny sleepy ramblings.  Often the things she says make no sense at all.  Sometimes there is a flash of profoundness in what she says.  Mostly, though, she talks to keep herself awake.

After her bath,  Max was tucked under a blanket on the living room sofa smelling clean and fresh (if you’ve read other Max stories, you know this is something to mention) and was warm and snuggly.  Her eyelids were starting to droop a bit which meant the babbling would soon commence.  We were watching tv and a commercial for Breathe Right nasal strips came on.  Max was mesmerized.  Slowly one of her little fingers went to her nose.

“Look at dat on da tv.” she said quietly, not taking her eyes off the screen.

“What is that, Beth?” I asked.

“Those are band-aids that keep your nose on while you are sleepin’.” she answers matter-of-factly.

Works for me.



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