Happy Birthday To Who?

cakeBirthdays are much more fun when the birthday kid is old enough to “get it.”  This was the the first year that Bethany understood that it was a special day just for her.  She made sure everyone knew it too.  Her party was over the weekend, a lovely brunch with the family.  Her actual birthday was a Monday, so I had cupcakes for her class at daycare. They were a hit, as expected.

Snack time had just ended when I arrived to pick up my birthday girl.  All of her friends showed off their little princess rings that had adorned the tops of the cupcakes only moments before.   I asked Beth if she had a fun birthday with her class.  She bounced up and down saying “yes, yes, yes!”  Sugar high.

“How old are you Bethany?” asked the daycare director, Miss Tonya.

“Three and a half,” answered Beth holding up five fingers.

“Are you three?” Miss Tonya  asked.

“Um, yes,” answered Bethany wrinkling her brow.

“Did Bethany have a birthday party?”

“Yes, I did.  And I had a pink cake with sugar hearts on it!”  Beth answered grinning and proud.  Sugar hearts were a big deal.  She asked for them for months.  Having no idea what she really meant, I improvised and happened to be right.

“Wow!” said Miss Tonya playing right along with her enthusiasm.  “Did Max have a birthday?”

The smile vanished from Bethany’s face.  She put her hands squarely on her hips, looked Tonya in the eye, and said firmly:  “Completely NOT!

Bethany was not sharing her birthday with anybody.  Not even Max.


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