beth mad faceThere are countless articles about how children mimic what they see in their parents.  You would think that armed with this information, we parents would make sure that all our children could imitate are good and wonderful things.  Then again, we are indeed human after all.  Often we see things we may not even know they are picking up.  Even more often, these things are pointed out to us by others.

This was one of those times.

My usual time to pick up Bethany from daycare tends to coincide with playground time.  I called her down off the playset and announced it was time to go home.  Her teacher, Miss Shelly handed me her paper listing everything she did that day, from nap time, eating, and potty times.  (My husband has always thought it was funny that they feel they must report on potty times.)  There is also usually a note about the day’s activities and lessons.  I glanced over it as Shelly gave me a summary of the day.

“There was one thing that really got me today,” she said grinning.  Max is new in Miss Shelly’s class and she’s just started getting the idea of what to expect with her.

“Oh?”  I asked.

“Apparently, one of the boys did something she didn’t like,” she paused and I feared the worst.  Great, she’s pummeled one of her little friends or something equally heinous.

“Uh oh, what did she do?”

“She walked right up to him, pointed at her chin and said, ‘Look at my face!  Do I look happy?‘”

I winced.  I could just see Max, nose to nose with the offending toddler sporting her best angry face, one hand on her hip, her tiny finger pointed at her chin.  I would have paid to see that.

Shelly went on, “So, I started thinking, she obviously hears this a lot.  Maybe it’s me.  I don’t think I say that, but maybe I do!”

“Um…..no….” I say meekly.  “That would be me.”  And yes, Max hears this a lot.  Gotta find a new catch phrase.  Time to go.


One response to “Mirror

  1. I can SO hear you saying that…I can see the stance you probably take as well! Hey, it could have been WAY worse!

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