It’s A Zoo

DSCF5878It should have been a fun day at the zoo with Bethany, and if Bethany had been there, it probably would have been.  Turns out Max was the one who showed up.  She was terrible.  She was defiant, disobedient, and just plan foul.  For hours, she made us miserable as we tried to go through the usually peaceful Nashville zoo.  Contending with the Old Woman in the Shoe and her umpteen kids-gone-wild was bad enough, but Max had to be a terror, too.  Then, we caught up with a group that made the crew from Deliverance look classy.  We would have turned around and walked out, but after spending $14 each to get in,  we were determined to get though the whole thing.

So, there we were, hot, tired, and grumpy from dealing with a hot, tired, grumpy toddler as we arrived at the petting zoo.  Here, the tide suddenly turned.

Bethany magically reappeared as we went through the gates.  She took off to see the goats. Happily, she chatted with the caretakers and the goats, brushing and petting them for ages.

“I like dem goats, Daddy.  Dem goats like me.”


“I pet dem.”


I wandered over to the llamas.  What odd looking creatures.  She’d get a kick out of these.  So I called Bethany and Daddy over to see them.

“Come see, hun.”

“What are you looking at?” he asked walking over with her on his heels.

“Alpacas,” I answered.

“Come see the alpacas, Beth.”

“I wanna pet the owl peckers!” said Max, making a very loud reappearance.

“Sorry, kiddo, ” said Daddy, not missing a beat.  “They don’t let you pet those.  Come pet the llamas.”


3 responses to “It’s A Zoo

  1. May I encourage you to use the admission that you paid for your recent visit to upgrade to a FAMILY membership so that no matter who shows up (Bethany or Max) you don’t feel like you have to do it all in one day if things get dicey…:)
    Membership, not the only way to visit the Zoo, just the best way!

  2. Owl peckers. Huh, never thought to pet THOSE.
    LOL But I also suggest the zoo pass. One year about $75 for a year. And if you travel, a lot of the other zoos will be free or 50% off. I have a pass for the Akron zoo and I can go to the Cleveland zoo and Pittsburgh zoo for free. I like free. Especially with 5 kids.

    • theworldaccordingtomax

      We haven’t even attempted the zoo again since that trip. Maybe this fall we’ll give it another shot. Maybe. I used to have a membership when I just had my older two. They were pleasant to take and I wasn’t tempted to leave them with the monkeys.

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