0104lightning_t600One of the favorite things for the local morning meteorologists is the storm photos.  Any time we have strong weather, the following morning’s weather report consists mainly of photos of downed trees and storm clouds.  This particular morning was a repeat of so many summer morning post-storm weather reports.  The kids sat in front of the tv chowing on marshmallow laced “wholesome” cereal and bickering.  Typical work day morning.

Max was paying no attention to the storm damage on the news that her brother and sister were eagerly watching.  Max wasn’t interested in anything but the growing stack of marshmallow shapes on her spoon.  One by one, she picked them out of the milk and carefully balanced them on top of each other creating an impressive sticky rainbow tower.

The next segment of  “weather and traffic on the 5’s” featured and impressive photo of lightning taken by a local resident.  This got Max’s attention.  She dropped the tower of goo into her bowl, jumped up, pointed straight at the television and shouted, “Oh No! The sky is broken!

Good call, Chicken Little.

blogger note:  the actual viewer submitted photo was unavailable for inclusion in this post.  similar photo above courtesy of Knox News.


One response to “Lightning

  1. Hi Kid,
    These snippits os Max’s everyday life are GREAT! I think that your mom and I could come up with some dooseys about you as well. I don’t get to see y’all nearly often enough.
    Love Pop

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