Yard Sale

yaard sale signEvery summer we hold yard sales to raise money for my son’s ice hockey fees.  We do them so often that Max now refers to my mom’s garage as The Garage Sale.  Last summer, Bethany was little enough that she was more easily contained.  This year, not so much.

It was roughly an hour into the sale when she woke up.  Bleary eyed and hungry, she sat peacefully for a while eating a muffin.  As she woke up a bit more, she wanted to get down and touch stuff.  For those of you who don’t already know this, toddlers and yard sales go together like oil and water.  Mom and I thought we had a great plan, though.  We lined the driveway with sale stuff and put two tables across the garage door opening.  We thought this would deter Max a bit and give her plenty of room inside the empty garage to ride her” ride-a-bike” (tricycle) and color with chalk.

No.  This is Max, we’re talking about.

It didn’t take her long to figure out how to get under the table and out to the yard sale stuff.  She went right over to her old toys and sat down to play.

“No, Beth, those are for the garage sale.  You can’t play with those.  People are going to buy them. ”

Not if Max had anything to do with it.  She began pulling off the price tags we so dilligently placed on them.

“Beth, no.  You have to leave those on there.”

Just about that time several cars of shoppers arrived.  While we helped the customers, Max began pulling stickers off of everything and repricing them.  Suddenly, there were tvs for a quarter and happy meal toys for twenty bucks.  Most of the toys had been moved into the garage.


“Time out!”

Max sat pouting on the garage steps waiting to be released from captivity to wreak more havoc while Mom and I repriced and re-organized.  As soon as her sentence was up, she went right back to rearranging the sale.

“No Beth.  Put those down.”

She sulked off empty-handed.

After a bit of chalk doodleing on the garage floor, she made her way back out to the sale.  There was a nice older lady perusing some housewares on one of the display racks.  Max eyed her suspiciously.  The lady picked up an item to take a closer look.

“NO!  Put that down!  That’s for the garage sale!” she tells the startled shopper.  The lady obediently placed the item back on the shelf and walked away giggling.

Max took up her post as garage sale security.  Needless to say, this was her last garage sale.


One response to “Yard Sale

  1. Too funny! You want them to understand the WHY…but in their brain…it makes no sense.

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