Captain Max

captain morganIt was a Monday night.  My older two kids had gone to dinner with their dad after Cam’s hockey practice.  Mom and I decided we’d take Max to eat at the Shoney’s near our house for dinner.

We decided to forego the highchair this time. She had been cooped up in her stroller at practice and the restaurant was pretty much deserted.   (Still not sure what keeps that place in business.)  Max was thrilled to be in the  booth next to Baby (that’s what my kids call my mom.  A story in itself.  Don’t ask.).

The waitress came and went taking our order and bringing our food.  We talked while Max sang songs and chattered happily. Eventually, we were all done and waiting on our check.

Just then, Max stood up on the booth seat.  She lifted one knee up and said, “Argh!  I a pirate!”  I laughed, but my mom looked confused.

“What the heck is she doing?” she asked looking at her knee in the air.

Through the laughter, I said:  “She’s got a little Captain in her!”

Living proof that advertising works.


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