beth and nerds bigChildren develop and reach milestones at their own pace and with their own motivation.  Bethany was one of those butterball babies who took her own sweet time rolling over, crawling and eventually walking.

Beth was finally sitting up well and even scooting around a bit.  I was doing laundry and flitting around doing chores.   She sat peacefully chewing on a toy watching me go back and forth.  I carried a laundry basket through the living room and into my room.  Two minutes (literally) later, I walked back into the living room.  There sat my rolly-polly darling in the middle of  a sea of pink Nerds, scarfing down the tiny sweet evidence.

Somehow, she had spotted the small pink box on the end table, pulled up to reach it and opened it, spilling it everywhere.  What could I do?  I laughed hysterically and helped her pick them up.  After that, we never underestimated the power of her curiosity again.  Almost two years later, she’s still a sucker for a box of Nerds.


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