milkshakeRecently, Bethany had surgery on both eyes.  The nurses and entire hospital staff were thoroughly amused and couldn’t believe how happy she was to be there.  Obviously, she had no idea what she was in for.  She also apparently has no recollection of the whole experience.

She had an appointment to get one of her eyes checked that was healing slower than the other, so off we went into downtown Nashville.  Bethany knew where she was going and was so excited, mostly  because knew she would come out with a shirt full of stickers.

She was a little wound up and decided that nutty Max was the one getting her eyes checked, not well-mannered Bethany.  She had to touch everything and try to see how everything worked.  Max squirmed and wiggled and laughed.  She was in a great, albeit mischievous, mood.  If we were ever going to get the exam done, there was only one option – blatant bribery.

“Okay, if you are good and cooperate, Mommy will get you a milkshake on the way home.”  Milkshake?  Well, why didn’t you say so??  Bethany immediately returned to the eye appointment and it was over in a flash.

Once out of the parking garage, I realized that we were leaving the Vanderbilt area just in time for rush hour. “Is this the way to my milkshake place?”  asks the sweetest little voice from the back.  “Yes, but we have to drive a while to get there.”  I was determined to get back to the suburbs and out of the traffic before we stopped.

We merged onto the interstate on ramp and came to a dead stop behind an endless line of cars.   From the backseat, the sweet voice changed into an irritated grunt in true Max fashion.  “Uuuugggh!  EVERYBODY”S going to get a MILKSHAKE!!!”

Apparently, according to Max, we had just pulled into the world’s longest drive-thru line.


2 responses to “Milkshake

  1. This one tops the cake. So Darn cute! I loved it.. Was really LOL!!! Haha

  2. kc these are the best please keep them coming. I can see her in every one of them as they are happening

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