beth tongue out bigPreschool is a place of discovery and wonder.  It is also a place full of small people without complete control of their bodily functions, from snotty noses to yucky diapers.    Bethany, or Max, whoever she may be that day, is one of them.  Neatness is not nearly as important to her as the adventure of eating, painting or whatever the delightfully dirty task at hand may be.

On this particular day, Messy Max was in rare form, covered in cheese dip and a splotch of finger paint.  One of her little friends had a bit of lunch go down the wrong way and gagged on it.  Needless to say the little guy puked in his lap.  Beth looked at her friend, then the mess, then her friend, then the mess again and says  “That’s a-sgusting.”  As if she’s one to talk.  Then she turned on her little heel and walked off.

Shortly thereafter she was ready for an odiferous change of pants.


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